Freedom Township

Freedom Township

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Office Staff

Township Manager
Zachary Gulden 


Appointed Officials

Building Permit Officer
PA Municipal Code Alliance
Ph: (717) 496-4996 

Zoning Officer
Zachary R. Gulden
Ph: (717) 873-0475

KPI Technology
Ph: (717) 339-0612

Sewage Enforcement Officer
KPI Technology
Ph: (717) 339-0612

Linus Fenicle, Reager & Adler
Ph: (717) 763-1383

Contact Information

Township Supervisors

Matt Young, Chair
Paul Kellett, Vice Chair
Brett Johnston

Meets: 7:00 PM | 2nd Wednesday

Planning Commission

Wayne Belt
Paul Sharrer
Edward Buchheit, Jr,
Richard Groomes
John Sica

Meets: 7:00 PM | 1st Wednesday