Financial Services

Financial Services

Victims Compensation Assistance Program

This program may be able to help by paying you back for money you had to pay or lost because of a crime.  Compensation may be paid to you or others for: 

  • Medical expenses  
  • Counseling  
  • Lost work earnings because you were injured and unable to work
  • Home care/ childcare, and replacement services  
  • Cash loss of social security, SSI or retirement benefits
  • Relocation  
  • Crime scene clean-up
  • Funeral expenses, loss of support and travel costs in homicide cases  

To Receive Compensation, You Have To:

  • Be a victim of a crime that happened in Pennsylvania.
  • Report the crime or file a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) within three days(unless there is a good reason for not doing so or the victim is under 18.)
  • Cooperate with the police, courts and the Victims Compensation Assistance Program.
  • File the Claim within two years of the crime.
  • Not be involved in illegal activity that caused the crime to happen.
  • Have a loss of at least $100 because of the crime (if you are less than 60 years old).
  • There are exceptions to the above requirements (especially if the  victim is younger than 18 years old)
  • Contact an Advocate for more information.

This program will not reimburse you for: 

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Stolen or damaged property (except some medical things).

The best way to file a claim is with the help of a victim advocate.  Call 717-337-9844 for assistance.  You can also file a claim by yourself on the internet.   Just go to  There is no cost to file a claim!   


Restitution is court ordered, which means that the judge will order the offender at the time of sentencing to pay restitution to you for your losses. It is your right as a victim of crime to receive restitution for your losses. It may include bills from doctors, hospital, dentists or counseling.  It can pay for medicine, funeral costs and loss wages due to an injury.  It can also pay for damages to your property or stolen items.  You will receive paperwork prior to court asking for your restitution request.  Please keep all of your bills and receipts for documentation of your request.   If you have any questions please call and speak to an advocate. 

Defendants are put on a payment plan and collection is processed through the Adams County Clerk of Courts Office. If the Defendants are not making their restitution payments they will held in contempt of court.  If you have additional questions regarding restitution please call the Adams County Victim Assistance Office at 337-9844 and we can track the payment of your court ordered restitution.