Marriage Services

Marriage Services

Applying for a marriage license

Anyone wishing to marry in Pennsylvania MUST OBTAIN A PA MARRIAGE LICENSE:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to obtain a marriage license.
  • Applicants may apply in any county within Pennsylvania and use the license in any County.  Contact the county where you plan to apply for application requirements.
  • Applicants may submit the application online and upload the required documents. 
  • After you submit the application and upload the required documents, you will be prompted to schedule your video appointment. You may also download our mobile app to schedule an appointment.   Click Orphans Court > Marriage Information > Schedule Video Marriage.
  • Applicants can choose a traditional license (requiring an officiant to solemnize the marriage) or a self-uniting license (does not require an officiant to solemnize the marriage). The Clerk of Courts office does not determine who may or may not solemnize a marriage.
  • Applicants must have VALID identification which may be a driver's license, military or PennDOT photo ID.
  • Birth Certificates are required only when applicants have none of the above. ID must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • Applicants must provide a Social Security number (federal and state mandates for U.S. citizens). If you lost your card you must contact the Social Security office for WRITTEN verification. 
  • Be prepared to furnish the full name, mailing address (including city, state, zip), occupation, and birthplace of each parent.
Application must be made within 60 days of the wedding date. Marriage license are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance and may be used anywhere in PA. PA law requires a minimum 3 day waiting period after the application is made before a license can be issued.
Persons related by blood as first cousins or closer may not marry in PA. Other prohibitions and policies are available in the Clerk of Courts office.

You must provide CERTIFIED COPY of the divorce/death certificate.

Pennsylvania does not require premarital blood testing or physical examinations.

Remarriages-Applicants who have previously married MUST HAVE:

  • Certified Copy of death certificate (if widowed).
  • Certified Copy of Divorce Decree dated more than 30 days prior to application date. *If female applicant is divorced and has changed her name, she must have documentation of name. If applicant does not have the original Decree, s/he must obtain a CERTIFIED copy of the decree (with a court seal). Photocopies are NOT acceptable. Foreign divorce decree MUST HAVE a CERTIFIED ENGLISH TRANSLATION attached.

Civil annulments require same documentation as divorces.. (Church annulments are NOT accepted).

Valid Identification

Photo driver's license
State photo ID card
Certified birth certificate
Active military ID


1.Social Security Number
2.Confirmation number (if applied online)
3.Paid for the license fee
4.CERTIFIED copy of Divorce Decree (if applicable)
5.CERTIFIED Name Change (if applicable)
6.CERTIFIED copy of death certificate (if applicable)
7.Full name, address, occupation, and birthplace of each parent (required regardless of age) 

If a couple wishes to waive the standard 3-day waiting period on a Marriage License by obtaining a signed Order of Court from the Judge, there is an additional $5.00 fee and requires an appointment with the Judge and a justifiable reason for the waiver. 

To request an appointment with a Judge to request a 3-Day Waiver, please contact the Court Administrator's Office at 717-337-9846.  

For any further questions regarding how to obtain a PA Marriage License, please contact the Clerk of Courts Office at 717-337-9806.    

Marriage license application is $76.00 payable by cash, check, or money order and includes a certified copy of the license.

Please note there is a $33.00 return check fee if the bank returns the check for any reason.
Marriage license fees and hours vary from county to county. Please call the county in which you intend on applying for more information.

Steps After Applying for a Marriage License

Officiant Record: This page is the Officiant’s portion to be kept with their records. The Marriage License is void after 60 days. If unused within 60 days, the entire license (all three pages) must be returned to the Clerk of Orphans’ Court, 117 Baltimore Street, Room 103, Gettysburg PA 17325. 

Return of Marriage: This page must be filed by the Officiant and returned to the Clerk of the Orphans’ Court within 10 days of the marriage ceremony or the Officiant will be fined $50. The Return of Marriage must include the Ceremony Location and Address and include the Name, Title, Address and Telephone Number of the Officiant. 

Marriage License: This page is the original Marriage License, which must be properly executed by the Officiant, specifically listed in PA Statutes as authorized to perform marriage ceremonies (see Officiant Disclaimer of Liability on website), and kept by the newly married couple.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Orphans’ Court at (717) 337-9806 or

Pennsylvania law requires officiates to be ordained by a "regularly established church or congregation".

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