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Image of 2 hands and the words Adams County Victim Witness Services

We are here to accompany and assist you as you and your criminal case proceed through the Criminal Justice System.

Services: We are here to accompany and assist you as you and your criminal case proceed through the Criminal Justice System.   

Accompaniment: An advocate can accompany you (and any supportive person you wish) to any and all court proceedings, as well as interviews with law enforcement, and meetings with prosecuting district attorneys.

Advocacy: Your advocate can advocate on behalf of you and your rights through every step of the criminal justice system as well as with employers, creditors, schools etc.

Compensation: Pennsylvania Victims Compensation Program may be able to help by paying you back money you have paid or lost due to a crime. An advocate can help with the filing of the form and processing of the paperwork. More information is available on the financial information tab.

Restitution: Advocates can help to explain the restitution process and your filing for court ordered restitution. More info is available in the financial help tab.

Case Status Updates and Notifications: The program updates you on all significant court dates with written correspondence. Final Court Orders will be mailed after sentencing of your case. 

Courtroom Orientation: Advocates are available to walk you through the courtroom experience. One on one time can be spent to describe in detail what it means to testify in court. Kids School is available to children who are needed to testify. 

Information on the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems: The Criminal Justice System has many steps and procedures; the advocate can give you information to understand what is happening with your case. 

Referrals to Community Agencies: Your advocate will work with you in all aspects of the crime and can assist with referrals to Housing, Counseling and many other Community Programs.

Secure Victim Witness Waiting Rooms: You will be provided with a safe and secure waiting room whenever you are needed for court appearances.

Supportive Counseling: Advocates are not certified counselors; however, we are trained in trauma and crisis intervention and are able to help you with the trauma and grief you are experiencing.