Hunting License

Hunting License

Anterless Deer License

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GO ONLINE, GET CERTIFIED FOR A HUNTING LICENSE Allows new hunters to complete Hunter-Trapper Education anywhere, anytime. 

Many first-time buyers of Pennsylvania hunting or fur taker licenses have a new, convenient option for completing the required certification course - Hunter Education Courses

  • First come first served
  •  One application per hunter per round
  •  Must use the official PGC Pink envelope

Cost:  $6.97 Resident     $26.97 Non-Resident

2022 Application Schedule:
(By mail only)

  • July 11 Residents-1st Round
  • July 18 Nonresidents-1st Round
  • August 1 Unsold-1st Round
  • August 15 Unsold-2nd Round

September 12 Over-the-Counter Sales

Additional Instructions:

  • One application per hunter per round.  Up to two applications per hunter in the unsold, 1st round, if the hunter did not receive a license in the regular first round.  Up to three applications per hunter in the unsold, 2nd round, if the hunter did not receive licenses in the previous rounds.
  • Applications cannot be received before the scheduled date of sales.
  • Applications received with no return postage will be held in the Treasurer's Office.  Please call us if you believe we may be holding your application.
  • Over-the-counter sales are sold through County Treasurer offices.  Licenses can be obtained in person or by mail. 
  • Once over-the-counter sales begin, hunters may hold up to six anterless deer licenses at a time.  Each hunter will qualify for at least three additional licenses at the time of over-the-counter sales if the WMU is not sold out.
  • Hunters who obtain 6 licenses may apply for additional licenses, if available, as they harvest deer and report them. Report online through or call 1-800-838-4431 to instantly become eligible to purchase another license, if they are available.
  • Landowner anterless deer licenses are only available until Friday July 9 and must be purchased in the County's Treasurer's Office.
  • Application forms can be obtained on: 
    1) the green panel issued with the hunting license. 
    2) The Game Commission website.  
    3) Hunting and Trapping Digest.