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Per Capita Tax Roll

Per Capita Tax Roll

PA State Law requires counties to maintain a personal/per capita tax roll that lists all individuals by their job title, occupation, and assessment. The list must also include persons who are retired, unemployed or persons not currently working.  All Adams County residents, eighteen years of age or older; are listed on the per capita (per person) tax rolls and are responsible for per capita taxes charged by the county and most of the municipalities and school districts. 

Currently, 8 of the 34 municipalities in Adams County charge the occupation tax, however, the occupation tax is an available option to all of the taxing bodies in Adams County, therefore, by law we must maintain our files for that purpose. The census form is used to determine occupational assessments for municipalities that charge the occupation tax. Occupation assessments are set according to job titles from a list that was created by county, municipal and school representatives several years ago. Occupation assessments range from "0" for unemployed persons to "800" for doctors, lawyers etc. Occupation assessments are not based on income.

If you are new to Adams County, please fill out a census form so you can be added to the tax rolls. Please notify our office immediately if you are moving to a new address or are no longer living in Adams County so you can be changed or removed from our tax rolls. If you do not notify us that you are no longer living in Adams County, then you will remain on our tax rolls and be subjected to per capita taxes. 

Census Information

  • Census Form
    • Save the Census Form to your device
    • Complete the Census Form
    • Save the completed Census Form to your device
    • Attach the Census Form to an email and email to taxoffice@adamscountypa.gov