Execution Package for Mortgage Foreclosure

Execution Package for Mortgage Foreclosure

Requirements For Writ of Execution for Mortgage Foreclosure Package

1. Completed Affidavit of Service, one per defendant and address where they are to be served and one for     the handbill.

2. Three copies of the Notice of Sale, per defendant, sale date to be completed.

3. Full name and address of the Plaintiff (on the 3129.1)

4. Property tax id # (or parcel no.) regarding the property for sale and a full address on the property description. The description needs to be typed, not photo copied, two copies required. A “Short Legal Description” for advertising purposes on a separate page, two copies required, see example at bottom. We are also requiring an emailed copy of the "Short and Long Legal Description" to be emailed to Sheriffsales@adamscounty.us 

5. 3 S.A.S.E.'s for your office.

6. 1 postage paid envelope per defendant, postage to be 64¢.

7. $2,000.00 Check made out to “The Sheriff of Adams County”.

8. Copy of (if any) of a court order for service or alternate service if applicable. 

By virtue of Writ of Execution No. 2005-S-1999

Example:  Plaintiffs' Full Name vs. Defendant #1 & Defendant #2 (if applicable), Complete address, including borough or township of property in question, Parcel No.(i.g.15-J18-0075---000).  Improvements thereon of the residential dwelling or lot, judgment amount (i.e. $000,000.00), attorneys for plaintiff including full name of attorney's office.