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Storm Drain Markers

Storm Drain Markers

As you look around, you may see metal markers at the openings of storm drains in Adams County. These markers are part of an effort to educate and raise awareness of residents and visitors. They are a reminder that water and pollution entering the storm drains ultimately ends up in local streams, untreated and unfiltered for pollutants.



The installation of the markers is actually the second phase of this project. During 2014, the Adams County Conservation District and the Adams County Office of Planning & Development developed the project scope and hired interns to assist in collecting the background data and locations of the storm drain inlets, outfalls, and larger stormwater management facilities around Adams County.  

Over 7,000 points were collected with a GPS (global positioning system) unit, which will help in understanding the locations of stormwater infrastructure and how water flows through the County.


In August of 2015, the Conservation District began installing the storm drain markers. They are located primarily in boroughs along streets with higher volumes of pedestrian traffic and at schools.  

Fairfield Borough was the pilot municipality. Look for them next time you're in Fairfield or at Pippenfest!     

We also work with volunteers to install markers at other locations around the County. Contact Joe Hallinan if you have a group of volunteers and would like to assist with installation of markers.