Adams County Independent Living

Adams County Independent Living

The goal of IL services is to support and empower youth to reach their full potential as adults. The IL staff work to engage youth in Adams County Independent Living services and offer resources designed to support them as they transition to adulthood.

Adams County Children and Youth Services (ACCYS) is mandated to offer IL services to youth who are Chafee eligible. These are youth who are 14-20 years of age, currently or formerly adjudicated dependent, dependent and delinquent or delinquent with shared case management and in federally defined foster care placement. Other youth in need of services may also be served as space and funding is available. 

IL services include a needs assessment, goal/transition planning, life skills instruction and assistance in the areas of housing, education, employment, prevention and support. Youth are also invited to participate in completing community service projects and represent foster youth at various agency meetings and events. 

Aftercare services are offered until a youth turns 21 to continue assistance with the youth’s transition to self-sufficiency. Aftercare services can provide limited financial support on a contractual basis in the areas listed above including rental assistance. In addition, a shelter (HAVEN) and Transitional Housing Program (THP) is available to youth receiving services who become homeless or who are living in an unsafe/unhealthy environment. 

Youth in placement should expect to have similar privileges and age appropriate freedoms to their peers who live with their families of origin. Foster youth are made aware of the agency’s grievance policy when they enter placement. They are also presented with an Adams County “Youth Rights and Responsibilities Handbook” which outlines what they can expect from their resource parents  and what is expected of them. To view or download a copy of the Pennsylvania “Know Your Rights” guide, go to Juvenile law Center Website. 

The Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is made up of current and former substitute care youth. The purpose of the YAB is to educate, advocate, and bring about positive change in the substitute care system. Their goal is to represent the voice of older system youth and work with others to achieve positive change. Adams County youth are invited to participate in the South Central YAB meetings which take place bi-monthly and are hosted by the counties who are active participants. For more information on YAB, visit their Website. 

Youth who leave placement at age 18 or older may request to re-enter care before age 21 if they are unable to maintain self-sufficiency and meet certain eligibility requirements.

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