Holiday Closing! County and Court Offices will be closed, Friday, April 7, 2023, in observance of the Good Friday Holiday


Executive Committee

President - David Bolton, Abbottstown Borough
Vice President -Terry Scholle
Treasurer - Patricia Smith, Fairfield Borough
Secretary - Danielle Helwig, Butler Township


Adams County COG Officers  
David Bolton, President  
Terry Scholle, Vice President 
Pat Smith, Treasurer  
Danielle Helwig, Secretary

By Laws

Bob Gordon
Barb Underwood
Coleen Reamer

Public Works

Doug Bower-Butler
Jay Livingston- Hamilton
Bill Ridinger-Germany
Mark Walde-Straban


Bob Gordon
Ben Thomas
Marty Qually
David Bolton
Phil Wagner
Ron Harris
Robert Jackson


Dave Laughman
George Mauser


Jack Ketterman
Barb Underwood
Coleen Reamer
Fred Prehn

Emergency Services

Collen Reamer
Terry Moser
Barb Underwood


Bob Gordon
Pat Smith
Coleen Reamer

AC Collaboration

Bob Gordon
Sandy Vasquez
Marty Qually
David Bolton
Ron Harris
Carroll Smith

School Districts

  • Bermudian Springs School District
  • Conewago Valley School District
  • Fairfield Area School District
  • Gettysburg Area School District
  • Littlestown Area School District
  • Upper Adams School District


  • County of Adams
  • Abbottstown Borough
  • Arendtsville Borough
  • Bendersville Borough 
  • Biglerville Borough
  • Carroll Valley Borough
  • East Berlin Borough
  • Fairfield Borough
  • Littlestown Borough
  • New Oxford Borough
  • York Springs Borough
  • Berwick Township
  • Butler Township
  • Conewago Township
  • Cumberland Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Freedom Township
  • Germany Township
  • Gettysburg Borough
  • Hamilton Township
  • Hamiltonban Township
  • Highland Township
  • Liberty Township
  • Menallen Township
  • Mt. Joy Township
  • Mt. Pleasant Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Reading Township
  • Straban Township
  • Tyrone Township
  • Union Township